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Enrolment Advice for our Courses:

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How it works.
Distant Stitch offers online Correspondence Courses. You will become an online student, using your computer to view your Course Modules and to show your completed work to your tutor.
After enrolment you will download each Module, one at a time, from the Distant Stitch website. You do this via the ‘Student Login’ button, accessing your own Student Home Page with your personal password.
On your Student Home Page you will find your Module, ready for downloading onto your computer to save and print out if you wish. You can continue to access this Module until you move on to the next one.
On your Student Home Page you will also find several other ‘goodies’:
• Student Handbook containing lots of helpful hints and information
• Book List
• Materials and Equipment List
• Frequently Asked Questions relating to individual Modules
• How To Send My Work

How to send your work.
You will set up your own ‘blog’ by following the instructions provided on your ‘Student Home Page’. This is much easier than you might think. You may already have your own blog. In any case it would be better to set up a new one just for showing your Distant Stitch work. You can make this a public blog to share with your fellow students or you can make it a private blog that is only accessible by your tutor with a password you provide.
Each page of your work book, or individual items, will need to be scanned or photographed to create digital images of your work, so you will need a scanner and a digital camera. Like setting up a blog, using these is easier than you may think. Tips on using your scanner and camera to maximise the quality of your images are given in your Student Handbook on your ‘Student Home Page’.

How your work is assessed.
Your tutor will be responsible for assessing your work and giving you feedback as they view your blog. If you are registered with City and Guilds your work will also be viewed by our City and Guilds verifiers. They will sample several student blogs annually to verify that, at Distant Stitch, we are maintaining high standards.

All our Courses are offered with a City and Guilds qualification. Please see further information under the 'How to Enrol on a Distant Stitch Course without registering with City and Guilds' heading.

You can access the City and Guilds syllabus for your Course from the link on your ‘Student Home Page’.

On successful completion of each Module, you will be sent the appropriate City and Guilds Logbook pages signed by your tutor.

How you receive feedback.
Your tutor will send you a welcome email. They will be your tutor throughout your Course and your main contact about your Module or your work.
Email your tutor to give them your blog address so they can record it.
When you are ready to show your work, perhaps after the first few Chapters, email your tutor to let them know that you have ‘posted’ all the work for these Chapters on your blog. They will confirm they have received your message and try to give you an indication of when you can expect to receive their feedback. Feedback will be by email to maintain confidentiality.
Each time you have completed more work, you will repeat this until you finish your Module. Your tutor will then invite you to move on to your next Module. You will do this from your ‘Student Home Page’ where you will be able to select and pay for your next Module.

How to enrol.
Click the ’Student Enrolment’ button at the top of any page of the Distant Stitch website. Follow the instructions which will ask you for your details and your chosen Course. You will be asked to supply your own password. This will be set up on the Distant Stitch website so you can access your Modules and other information, exclusively for Distant Stitch students.
You are asked to read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ before enrolling. This indicates that you are happy to accept them.

How to pay.
You will be guided from the enrolment page through to the separate payment page. You select to either pay by credit card via 'Secure Trading' (a secure method of payment), a bank transfer or a personal cheque (drawn from a British bank). It might take a few days to clear your payment, so we thank you in advance for your patience.
We will then send your login instructions so you can access your first Module from the ‘Student Login’ button, with your own password.

To register with City and Guilds
All students who have chosen to enrol on a City and Guilds Course will be be registered at the beginning and certificated with City and Guilds at the end of their Course . (You can chose to enrol on a non-City and Guilds Course and be awarded a Distant Stitch Award instead.)

The registration fee will be paid with your first Module and the certification fee will be paid with your final Module.

The registration fee will expire on these anniversaries and need to be re-paid if wishing to continue as a C&G registered student -
Level 1 students should complete their Course one year from the date of registration.
Level 2 students should complete their Course two years from the date of registration.
Level 3 students should complete their Course three years from the date of registration.

How to enrol on a Distant Stitch Course, without registering with City and Guilds
During the enrolment process you will be asked to choose whether you wish to enrol on your selected Course with a City and Guilds registration or without a City and Guilds registration on a Distant Stitch Award instead. Both types of Course are exactly the same content and you can transfer from one to another if you change your mind at a later stage.

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